Network Monitor Gadget
Windows Vista, 7 (32 or 64 bit)
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Network Monitor Gadget
Current version: 4.0.1Download
Monitor the status of up to 60 devices on your network or the internet by pinging them and testing for a response with this Windows Desktop gadget. Various options available including variable ping timeout, option to send email, display alert and / or play sound when devices go offline or come online, writing of log file and color scheme options.
4 Jul 2011
Version 4.0.1
• Fixed bugs – see full change log
27 Jun 2011
Version 4.0
+ Added email notifications
+ Added new status icon
+ Added pinging indicator icon
• Fixed "freezing" when in settings dialog
• Made a number of other improvements
Full change log...
5 December 2014
Network Monitor Gadget this does not show anything not even my ip
25 March 2014
nice app, i use it for monitoring data center server running status.
7 November 2013
Very Useful little app, I use it in addition to Solarwinds IPmonitor for most important systems. (for Windows 8 users- check out to get your gadets back.)
25 July 2013
Please open source this gadget if you are no longer working on it, I would hate to see the email alerts stop working if this is no longer being supported, I would like to see the server side code to develop my own backend that will facilitate the alerts if heaven forbid you no longer had the means/time to provide the service,
15 November 2012
I concur on the usefulness of the gadget, and I have donated in the past. Sam? have you given up on working this gadget? It would be great to hear from you on this, and if not, port monitoring would be a bitchin addition to this awesome tool.
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